Imo State Business Link Magazine is easily the most comprehensive online network directory of businesses and services east of the Niger River.

The medium specializes in empowering and enhancing demand and supply chains in Eastern Nigeria and the Diaspora.

Whatever business the Igbo do and whatever service they provide in any part of the world they reside, Imo State Business Link Magazine will apply modern advertisement techniques to enable them extend their reach and up their revenue.

Our intention is to modernize our people’s current access to demand and supply in business and service provision world-wide. Through our medium network, we get your products and services exposed to thousands of prospective clients both in Nigeria and overseas.

We are encouraged by the understanding and support of all the leading business gurus and service providers of Igbo Business Community with whom we discussed the future of demand and supply approach in business and service provision of the Igbo world-wide.

We are even more encouraged by the quick response of Igbo people and their friends who do business with them. They were quick with catching up with this new trend in business and service delivery which many agree is the internationally accepted best practice.

We are optimistic that more people will get to read Imo State Business Link Magazine and appreciate the road we walk and the weight of the cross we carry. And we have reasons to hope that many more, especially at the local council area level, will come forward to register their businesses and service provision with the magazine. It is free of charge to register.

There are two categories of advertisements.

  • Premium Category
  • Regular Category

The Premium Category is for companies and businesses that have consolidated within Igbo Business Community. We advertise their products and services in minute details in the network directory and in all of our four preferred social media – Instagram, Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is also a video interview of the Chief Executive or his/her appointee which is uploaded on You Tube. The Premium Category is renewable after two years and costs N100, 000.

There is also the Regular Category which lasts for one year and costs N12, 000 for struggling companies or businesses and service providers. They are featured on the network website with relevant information on their business model.

All payments are made to the UBA Account Number 10 18 95 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd.

To register your service or business free of charge text your Business/Company Name and Address, Nature of Business, Contact Name and Telephone Number to Chief Sir Asinugo, +4479 2587 7195.

And remember, Imo State Business Link Magazine is not all about your business alone. It is a network that connects you as well to other business people and service providers. So, while someone might need your product or service at some point, you might also need someone else’s service at some other point. Someone needs, you supply. You need, someone supplies. And all the registered business men and women and service providers are here, listed in Imo State Business Link Magazine.

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