ROLU (acronym for Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, publishers of formerly Imo State Business Link Magazine) is easily the most comprehensive online advertisement medium that doubles as a network directory of the businesses and services of the people of Nigeria and their Diaspora. The magazine is accessible to all Nigerians and their business associates from every state of Nigeria and every country in the world where they reside to do business or render service.

ROLU specializes in empowering and enhancing demand and supply chains. As an advertisement medium and a business directory, it is a magazine like no other around the world, purely in a class of its own. 

Its BLOG dishes out the latest Business News, Education News and Health News for its numerous readers and their families. The Editorial Commentary is usually incisive and the Publisher’s note, very illuminating.

Whatever business Nigerians do and whatever service they provide in any part of the world in which they reside, ROLU is committed to applying creative advertisement designs in addition to demand and supply techniques, to enable them extend their reach and up their revenue.

Our business is to modernize our people’s current online access to demand and supply in business and service provision world-wide. Through our medium, we get their products and services exposed to thousands of prospective customers both in Nigeria and overseas. We also offer consultancy on business prospects and mediate in negotiations for network members.

We are encouraged by the support of leading businessmen and women as well as service providers in Nigeria and the Diaspora with whom we always discuss the online trending of demand and supply in business and service provision of Nigerians world-wide. 

We are even more encouraged by the level of honesty with which the people of Nigeria are beginning to embrace this post Covid ’19 approach to business. They were quick in catching up with the level of honesty that this new trend in business and service delivery demands and which many agree is the internationally accepted best practice.

We have set up a Network Group WhatsApp, Group Face Book and Group Telegram to enable ROLU network members interact and patronize each other across categories. Do ensure that you advertise in these forums as many times as possible every week. In such a way, people will notice your presence and patronize your product or service.

We have also introduced a new policy that requires all members of the network to get their businesses, products and services listed on ROLU website before they will be allowed to advertise in any of our social media forums. This is to ensure that businesses to be listed are duly verified and functional.

We are optimistic that more people will get to know about ROLU and appreciate the road we walk and the weight of the cross we carry.

We have reasons to believe that many more people at the state, national and international levels will come forward to list their businesses and service provision on the magazine’s website.  ( Just text your business name and address, the nature of business, contact name and number to + 4477 2411 3404 or +23470 1689 0200. 

Our team of editors will build up an advertisement for your business or service and get it listed on our website.

There are two categories of advertisements.

  • Premium Category
  • Regular Category

The Premium Category is designed for the more successful companies and businesses that have consolidated within Nigeria and the Diaspora. We advertise their products and services in detail on the magazine’s website and in all our social media forums – Instagram, Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is also a video interview of the Chief Executive or his/her appointee which is uploaded on You Tube. The Premium Category is renewable after two years and costs N100, 000.

The Regular Category lasts for one year and attracts an annual subscription of N12, 000 for struggling companies or businesses and some cadre of service providers. They feature on the network website with relevant information on their business model.

Once your business is listed on the website, you automatically become a ROLU network member. And as soon as you pay your annual dues of N12, 000, you will be able to advertise in our social media forums like Group FB and Group WhatsApp where network members interact and patronize each other across categories.

All payments should be made to: 


  • UBA 


  • Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd (Publishers of Imo State Business Link Magazine)


  • 10 18 95 64 51 

And remember, ROLU is not all about your business alone. It is a network that connects you as well to other business people and service providers. So, while someone might need your product or service at some point, you might also need someone else’s service at some other point. Someone needs, you supply. You need, someone supplies. And all the registered businesses and services are here, listed in ROLU.

You can email us at: 

Or leave a message on +23470 1698 0200

You can also follow us on Instagram (Imostate_Blm), Twitter (Imostate Blm), Facebook (Imostate Blm) and LinkedIn (Imostate Blm).