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Facts About Imo State Business Link Magazine Network

Most of our Igbo people are yet to recognize the importance of this business directory. But because of the impressive efforts we have made to introduce our brand to the public we are beginning to make the desired impact. We are relying on the feedback we have got from the numerous individuals who listened to our jingles on IBC Orient Radio. Many who heard the advert rushed to register their businesses and services with our magazine-network.
The main point we consider is that this is a very new concept in Igboland. In the United Kingdom where the publisher lives and elsewhere in Europe and America, every family and every household has a copy of the local directory for reference. They use it to find out what person or company will be called when there is a need, like a breakdown of their car, washing machine, house, garden, or when there is a need to deliver some goods like foodstuff or to pick up some dresses for dry cleaning etc.
Imo State BLM is not like other magazines you read and discard. It is a reference material, like a dictionary, which you refer to from time to time when you need to find and make some business connection or place an order for the provision of a service.
It is also like a mobile phone. And this is very important. Someone who has never used or owned a mobile phone has no problem as he goes about his daily business. His life, to him, is complete and he doesn’t care about ‘your mobile phone’. But the moment he begins to use a phone and gets to know its usefulness, he begins to find that without it, his life is no longer “complete”. And if you make the mistake of taking it away from him, he will fight back because his life has attained “the next level” and he won’t like to get back to his days of primitive lifestyle.
That is exactly the same way it is with Imo State BLM. Anyone who does not have access to it feels “I am alright” but when they become used to daily use of it and find that it has moved their lives to the next level, they begin to value its importance in their lives.
An incident that happened in my family will illustrate this.
From her Church, my sister returned to her house along Port Harcourt Road in Owerri in the early morning hours of the New Year. She immediately observed that a pipe in one of the toilets in the house had burst and water was rushing into the sitting room. She quickly engaged her house help and driver to scoop the water into a bucket while she called her plumber. This was about 6 am. The plumber said he was on his way. By 7am he still wasn’t around.
My sister suddenly realized she had a copy of the first edition of Imo State BLM. She quickly flipped through the pages and luckily a few plumbers registered with us. She called one of them and in less than 15 minutes he was there. He saved the situation. In her excitement, my sister paid for a space in our Premium Category of adverts to encourage what we were doing for our people.

Every family, home, office, school, shop or workshop must have access to Imo State Business Link Magazine. Our people must be able to go online to access demand and supply in Igboland. Just log on and get on with business. New businesses and service providers are registering with us every day and I am sure that very soon this new level will be the talk in town.
Call the General Manager on +234 803 723 5236 or the Publisher on +4477 7655 3037 if there is anything more that you want to know or discuss.”

And remain blessed as you belong to Imo State Business Link Magazine Network.

Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC

FOR: Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd [Publishers of Imo State Business Link Magazine]

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