In December 2020 Imo State Business Link Magazine would be celebrating its 6th year anniversary. It has not been so easy, but we are happy to note that every year since its debut in 2014, the magazine has continued to make substantial progress. From the days we employed earn-as-you-work volunteers, we now have permanent staffs in place. We have more and more companies and service providers registering with us. Our people have begun to realize the immense benefit they derive from a state business directory of this nature and they are taking full advantage of our presence to get across to many more clients in a modern business world.

Gone are the days our people would want to buy a spare part or commodity from Owerri, the state capital and if they didn’t get it, they would go to Aba the next day, and if they failed, they would go to Onitsha the following day and perhaps to Lagos.

Now, they can save time and money and minimize the risk of commuting in search of their needs.
Right from the comfort zones of their homes and workplaces, they can now find what they want on our website. They call up the seller or service provider to inquire about availability and cost. They can even compare costs with as many suppliers or service providers as they want. They then make an informed decision before they leave home for the purchase or place an order for home delivery.

We are delighted to note that Igbo people scattered all over the world are appreciative of our contribution to make business and service provision worth the fun that they should be in a modern business setting.

But it doesn’t stop there. In 2020, we have introduced Group Platforms on WhatsApp and Telegram so that our network members can interact more closely and do business among themselves in a more secure environment. They can discuss their experiences with other members and get more enlightened about the possible hazards that could attend to business in Imo State. They can also, through the medium express what problems they face, so that Imo State Business Link Magazine can get government to intervene where it becomes necessary as in bad roads and unavailability of shops and other infrastructural facilities. Government has a right to know where the shoe pinches its business community.

We have also introduced Business News and Health News pages which are updated every fortnight. Here, we bring you the latest information that is likely to affect the businesses and service provision of Igbo people worldwide.

We continue to work on our social media handles – Face Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube – for members who are in the Premium Category. We will also get in touch with members who are on the Ordinary Listing Category to ensure they make the best use of their online presence in our website to get their contacts to attract others about their businesses.

We have updated our website for a clearer and easier use in the 2020 edition and we are optimistic that these changes will make the desired positive impact on the businesses of our network members.
As we enter the New Year, I wish all Imo citizens at home and in the Diaspora good luck and God’s guidance in their businesses and service provision and in all their efforts to better the lot of our people wherever they live. We cannot pretend that we do not know what is happening in the developed economies. We are and will remain a part of the global economic trend.

On a final note, everyone knows that it costs to maintain these facilities and so we urge those members who have not paid anything in these years to pay now. It is only N12, 000 a year for the ordinary listing and N100, 000 for the Premium which can be renewed every two years beginning from the day of publication. Those who are unable to pay will be delisted, so it is necessary that we help each other to deliver satisfactorily the dividends of modern demand and supply applications.
Welcome to our 2020 edition.

Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director
Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd
Publishers of Imo State Business Link Magazine

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