No. 13a Suite – 9, Monan Plaza (Opposite GT Bank) Opebi, Ikeja Lagos

Cash King Daily Income Share Profit (Nigeria) is a subsidiary of Cash Forex Group (CFX), a team of professional Forex Traders, Forex Educators and Engineers trading for CFX-registered members. CFX is a company that allows a person to invest money in the Forex market even when the person has no knowledge or previous experience. CFX handles all transactions and dealing in the market.  We also provide technological and academic platforms for those who wish to learn the skill of trading in the global financial market called Forex. Our professional traders at Cashfix have over 40 years combined experience in the Forex space.

Based in Panama City in Dominican Republic, Cashfix is a solidly grounded company with strategic partnerships in the US and Europe, one of which is the Conversions Pros, an American-based Software and System Integration Company.

The benefits of investing in Cashfix are really enormous. One beautiful thing about Cashfix is that losses (if any) are NEVER passed on to a member. The company absorbs any loss made in the course of trading on members’ trade contract packages. There is a guaranteed minimum income of 1% and maximum of 2.3% which is a weekly earning of 5% to 15%. And the duration of trade contract is 6 months. Ask anyone who knows about the global financial market. It makes sense to invest in Forex, sit back comfortably and enjoy the proceeds of your investment. For more information please contact Chib Okere on 080 8398 7779. We are located at No. 13a Suite – 9, Monan Plaza (Opposite GT Bank) Opebi, Ikeja Lagos



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