Our core values are: service, excellence, transparency and accountability.

Geodora Samaritans are committed to creating opportunities for self enhancement and empowerment for the teeming population of Imo residents and especially school leavers who need to improve on their skills. At Geodora Samaritans we:

  • Sponsor young women in our skills acquisition centres to learn a trade.
  • Appeal to and encourage public spirited personalities and agencies to live up to their social responsibilities by raising funds to help the less privilaged in the society.
  • Support physically challenged men and women and enable them work and earn a living.
  • Provide care and support services to orphans, vulnerable and less fortunate children so that they can live normal lives.
  • Promote good governance through advocacy, monitoring, observation and networking with professionals and activists.
  • Established a Centre of Information to educate the public on dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and similar diseases and their prevention.
  • Established micro-credits for women to start or improve on their businesses.

Welcome to Geodora Skills Acquisition Centre, the institution that ensures Women Empowerment through resource development. At Geodora, we work for God by ensuring that His gifts are manifested. We make sure the learning atmosphere is cordial for interaction, discussion and development. Some house wives and working class ladies want to update their skills. School leavers want to acquire more skills to enable them become self employed at a time white-collar jobs are very hard to come by. Women from all walks of life, all come to be empowered to work and live a better life. We have ultra-modern outfits with trained and experienced members of staff to meet all your training needs. Geodora remains the top name in Fashion Designing/Dressmaking, Textile Art, Craft, Catering, Home Management, Beauty Care, Modelling, Interior & Exterior Decorations, Moral Instructions, Event Planning & Management. We also hire out Academic Gowns. At Geodora we do not only teach. We build our students to be able to squarely face the challenges that come the way of success. For more information, call the Registrar on 080 6404 3293/ 080 3875 9811 Email:



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