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Imo State Business Link Magazine is easily the most comprehensive online network directory of businesses and services east of the Niger River. We specialize in empowering demand and supply chains across the Eastern States of Nigeria. Whatever business the Igbo do or service they provide in any part of the world where they reside, Imo State Business Link Magazine will, by applying modern advertisement techniques which technology has placed at our disposal, enable them extend their reach and up their revenue by getting their products and services exposed to millions of prospective clients both in Nigeria and overseas. Our online presence ( is a household brand among thousands of people and organizations that have become frequent visitors to our website.

There is no better way of getting your products and services known to so many prospective clients than enlisting on our network. We utilize a unique social media advert style that is designed to help your business grow by maintaining active presence on Twitter, Instagram, Face book, YouTube and LinkedIn, with the number of active followers on these platforms growing daily.

You can follow us on Instagram (Imostate_Blm), Twitter (Imostate Blm), Facebook (Imostate Blm) and LinkedIn (Imostate Blm). Our organization also uses WhatsApp and Telegram (070 1689 0200) to enable our network members interact and freely discuss their individual or mutual business concerns.

We are currently working on promoting our social media handles to maximize the number of our followers and page visitors. We are targeting 5 million followers in the next couple of years and that will positively impact on Igbo businesses and service provision worldwide. And so far, many people have already shown great interest in what we are doing to promote the businesses and services of Igbo people world-wide.

We have the Premium Category which costs only N100, 000. This covers a full length and detailed appraisal of the company activities on Instagram (Imostate_Blm), Twitter (Imostate Blm), Facebook (Imostate Blm) and LinkedIn (Imostate Blm). There will also be a video interview that will be uploaded on YouTube. This advertisement lasts for two years with regular updates from either our end or from the network members’ instructions to us.

There is also the List Category where the business is listed only on our website with a sketchy explanation of what it is all about. That lasts for one year and costs just N12, 000.

Specifications have been made to enable prospective network members advertise themselves directly from their platforms on our website. Please pay all monies to:

  • NAME: Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd
  • ACCOUNT: 10 18 95 64 51

Imo State Business Link Magazine is undoubtedly the most comprehensive business network directory east of the Niger River right now, and we intend to keep it that way. You just stay in your home or workplace and get the information you need online about their sales and services anywhere in the world the Igbo do business or offer service.

Advertise with us. It is cheap. It is accurate and gets to the right target. Above all, it is our network. Come on now and join the age of electronic information.

To register your business or service free of charge, contact us on our 24-hour telephone numbers: +234 70 1689 0200 / +234 90 1133 9486 / +234 70 5360 4335 and talk to any of our staff. Our Headquarters is located at 126A Royce Road, Owerri, Imo State.

And remember, Imo State Business Link Magazine is not all about your business alone. It is a network that connects you as well to other business people and service providers. So, while someone might need your product or service at some point, you might also need someone else’s service at some other point. Someone needs, you supply. You need, someone supplies. And we are all there, listed in the network of Imo State Business Link Magazine.



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