6/8 Wentworth Street, Liverpool Street Market. London E1 7TF.

Were you looking for where to buy beautifully designed textile materials at affordable prices? Then you are at the right place. At Monique, we deal in the most modern designs of Swiss Voile, Jacquard, Cupion, Guinea Brocade, Guinea Voile, Holland Wax, Organza, Damask Georges, Wax Print, Head Ties and much more. We are wholesalers and we also retail. Simply put, we are one of the most sought-after dealers in modern textile wears in the United Kingdom, and particularly in London Areas. Our numerous customers can speak for us about our customer relations. We ensure we give our customers value for their money. In that way, they are happy with us, and happy to introduce us to their family and friends. For any of your textile materials, get in contact with us on our hotlines +4420 7375 3055.  Fax: +4420 7375 1616 Mob: +4479 0367 8915 / +4475 4036 4074 and we will be delighted to discuss business with you. You can also email us: moniquetextiles[at] 

For those in the fashion industry, we might consider a discount if you are purchasing bulk. We are located at 6/8 Wentworth Street, Liverpool Street Market. London E1 7TF.