V-tals Head Office at 140 Wetheral Road, Owerri

In our business world today, there are names that can actually be trusted to make the difference. They have integrity and, for that reason, people want to associate with them not only because of what they represent but also because of what they stand to gain from such an association. In business, these people can be trusted to deliver promptly and efficiently. Their customer relationships are superb because they go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of their customers. One such top name is V-tals Integrated Business Ltd. V-tals is both a brand and a household name anywhere east of the Niger River. 


At V-tals Plaza, we stock just about every building material that is mostly needed by builders. Apart from stocking the best qualities of materials, our prices are very affordable. And that is important, especially for our numerous clients who place orders from overseas.  On the ground floor of V-tals Plaza, we stock electric fence, suspended ceilings, glass block and all sizes of specially designed doors and windows, some of them bullet-proof and craftily designed to meet the high taste of our numerous customers.


On the second floor, we have special sizes, colours and designs of tiles, ceramics and marbles that will add value to the interior decoration of your home or office.  And on the third floor, we stock the most exotic designer brands of steam baths and Jacuzzi mainly ordered from abroad. We also stock household and kitchen equipment of various modern designs and wonder-technology. These very beautifully produced items will make any home great, any time, any day.


All through Igboland, from Owerri to Asaba and from Enugu to Abakiliki, there is nowhere you can get a more superior quality than our brand of building materials. And there is nowhere you can get them at a cheaper price. We deal in ceramics, marbles, PVC ceilings, suspended ceilings, sanitary wares, security PVCs, bullet proof doors, wall papers, 3D and 4D panels, glass block and stainless rails among others. We sell. We deliver. We install. Our customers keep coming, again and again because we are dependable. And our customer service relationship is simply superb. Why not just visit us? Visit our Head Office today at No. 140 Wetheral Road, Owerri. We will be delighted to discuss business with you. You can also call our Reception on 080 6475 8349/ 080 3508 2319 for more information on available stock or for an appointment.


V– tals Integrated Business Ltd. Owerri is the name to beat in the provision of building materials nationwide.



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