No. 4 Along Kaduna Road, Vwang Vom, Jos South LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria. 

At Yaji’s Enterprise we are seriously into coffee production. We plant coffee seedlings. We harvest. We process. We package. We sell to retailers and we market wholesale. We deal with every aspect of coffee production and we come up with one of the best tastes anyone would enjoy in a drink of coffee flavour.

Yaji’s is a NAFDAC approved brand and one that has become a household word all through the northern states of Nigeria. We are now ready to move our unique product to the southern part of the country and overseas. 

Covering acres of arable land, Yaji Enterprise has a network of about 10,000 farmers. These farmers are administered in groups and given their various assignments every day. The company trains its own workers and electronically monitors their progress and that of the farmlands to ensure there are no defaults from internationally accepted best practices. We apply organic principles to ensure we not only meet with but more importantly upkeep internationally accepted best practices in the manufacturing of our special brand of coffee.

Our mission is to educate, initiate and engage in innovations in consonance with our core values which are meritocracy, pragmatism and honesty.

We are looking for distributors to represent our company in every state of Nigeria and overseas. If you are applying from Nigeria, please ensure before you apply that you have three referees ready to testify to your good behaviour and credibility. One of the sureties must be the Royal Father of your home community and the other a reliable, well-known religious leader such as an Imam or a Pastor of a major religious organization. The third could be a well established business man or woman.

If you are interested in wholesale purchase or in distribution at local or state level, please call Jeremiah on +23481 0160 5250 during our office hours (8 am – 8 pm) and one of our staffs will be delighted to be of assistance.

We are located at No. 4 Along Kaduna Road, Vwang Vom, Jos South LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria.

 Trust us: Yaji’s is the name to beat when it comes to coffee taste



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